Breaking News: Nigerians Divided over US presidential Election

Photo of trump and Clinton

Our investigation revealed that Nigerians are currently divided  over the US presidential Election.

Read their opinions below.

Lambawa  Walamih Nigeria  stand  with  Donald  J.  Trump..
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Photo of trump and hillary together
Onanuga  Temitope  Onabajo Vote  for  your  choice  nt  what  pple  say.Clinton  for  life. Like  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  2  hours  ago

 Ade  Akin m_source=rss&utm_medium=push_notification&utm_campaign=rss_pushcrew

Tb-joshua  God  Told  Me  The  Next  American  President  Is  A  Woman  Who  Will  Win Narrowly,  Prophet  TB  Joshua  Drops  Divine  Bombshell  Two  Days  To  US  Elections

 Louis  Ifeanyi Those  Nigerians  are  hired  by  APC.  Trump  must  win. Like  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  2  hours  ago

 Chika  N  Chika Wasted  efforts,  trump  wins.  Are  they  afraid  of  coming  back  to  their  country? Like  · 1  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  2  hours  ago

Idreess  Khalid  Musa Breaking  News:  Zero  minutes  to  U.S  Election  ,  Donald  Trump  substitute  himself  to  *Mazi  Nnamdi Kanu*  as  Republican  party  Leads  in  Aba  ,  Nnewi  ,  Abakiliki  And  Arochukwuw  areas  with  wide margin  .  Biafra  to  gain  Independence  soonest! Like  · 1  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  2  hours  ago

 Benjamin  Hills  replied  ·  1  reply Rose  Obinna  Benson Lolss  trump  the  right  man,.de  should  get  ready  to  come  bck..nonsense Like  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  1  hour  ago

Dennis Odugboche
Dennis Odugboche Clinton will win.

Yusluv Dorlly
Yusluv Dorlly God forbid . Hillary Clinton I stand .

Ayinde Ademuyiwa
Ayinde Ademuyiwa Hillary is God's candidate and people choice!

Uche  Okoro Nigerian  vote  do  not  count  in  America  they  should  stop  creating  enemies  for  themselves Like  · 1  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  1  hour  ago

 Zion  Ifeanyi  Chukwu Light  has  notin  to  do  wit  darkness  when  light(Trump)  apears  darkness(nigzooria  and  co.)  will dissapear.  TRUMP  ALL  THE  WAY,  this  time  majority  of  hausa  and  yuruba  with  their  arab  allies  will commit  suicide,some  will  hug  transformer. Like  ·  Reply  ·  More  ·  1  hour  ago

Tina  Annie They  should  be  ashamed  of  themselves  for  showing  too  much  interest  in  the  affairs  of  another man's  country  while  their  country  Nigeria  is  in  disarray..  Shame  on  them  for  abandoning  their country  Nigeria  for  America..  Shame  on  them!  Someday  they  would  be  chased  out  of  America! Idiotic  Nigerians!

Cityboy Smith Trump the man for the job
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Egbochue Eminel Egboskie
Egbochue Eminel Egboskie trump up de white house
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Aku Kings
Aku KingTrump is the man

Aguefi Maxwell Chijioke
Aguefi Maxwell Chijioke Trump the only solution to world problems. All hail Biafra.

Ezeoke Jacinta Ngozi
Ezeoke Jacinta Ngozi Yea Obama divide Nigeria last year so pay back

Egbochue Eminel Egboskie
Egbochue Eminel Egboskie trump for america
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Churchill Okereke
Churchill Okereke 2016 election in US sounds revolutionary and revolution comes with the principles of nature. Not even the strongest beast can state in the way of a natural course.

Esomeke Josephine
Esomeke Josephine Sori 2 say,but trump wil lose d election.nd wil challenge it in court..lets see how d whole tin unfolds..
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Emma Nonso
Emma Nonso Trump all d way.
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Anietie Emmanuel
Anietie Emmanuel hi if he will be able to save Nigeria trump
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Charlie Achomrough
Charlie AchomrougGod bless Trump. Victory for Trump. We praise YAH
Bibi Buni
Bibi Buni Any person who challenge religion of islam,most not succeed in his activities in this world,b4 he proceed to hell in the day of judgement.

Regina Okechukwu
Regina OkechukwTrump

Ifeanyi Ujah
Ifeanyi Ujah Instead of observing and studying the conducts of the electorate, before and during the election, they are divided.
Ajaegbu Longinus Ogele
Ajaegbu Longinus Ogele WE surports donald j trump.

Brown Brown
Brown Brown Trump the son of chukwu okike abiama who will naver lie

Someone is typing a comment.
Burning Spear
Only a man with mental troubles will claim
he can influence Nigerians in the USA into
voting for Clinton---on what basis--the
same woman who organized the murder of
Gaddafi an African leader-This guy must be
sick upstairs-she and Obama gave us two
wars---Syrai and Libya--Then created the
refugee crisis by the murder of gaddafi--we
came and he died--------------that was what
clinton said.

Kevinelosn Eloh Trump my president

Bright Ekeleme Trump is the main Man
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Ezenagu Nnaemeka T
Ezenagu Nnaemeka T Trump

Ndubuisi Anyaegbuna
Ndubuisi Anyaegbuna Trump

Francis Sunday Kwusike
Francis Sunday Kwusike Leaving their own internal problems?

Ephraim Ukpong
Ephraim Ukpong Trump i know

Uche Ibeto Trump

Stanley Chidi Trump all the way

Onyia Kachi Trump

Uzoamaka Ejezie On Trump we stand!

Eric Kaka Trump

Igiri Ubi Clinton is goin to carry the day

 Obinna Uwandu clinton ll wim with a little ,very little margin to continue flooding America with Muslims and their strange religion and to maintain Obama legacy of islamization of America since his father wz.a Muslim,but God can turn things around and make Trum who is a christain,president.up Trump,up Biafra,Trump we want

Chiidesco Nweji Trump all the way

Grandy Chukwuebuka Yes i am a BIAFRA I stand for trump

In my own opinion. I think Nigerians lack what it takes to advise Americans on this issue.


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