The mystery of my Terrible journey today!
My relatives would have been wondering of my whereabouts. Only one person would have seen my last appearance!
Today, (Monday, 31st of October 2016 Time check: 4 PM ) as I was ridding motorcycle from Reconcile International towards the town; I met four soldiers opposite YeiWineHouse. They stood in the middle of the road and stopped me.
They ordered the woman I was carrying to jump down and she obeyed! And then they told me to turn the motorcycle and I did.
Because of fear, I had to obey the gun holder without hesitation. They commanded me to carry them to the front line. I was speechless when I heard that. I could not be able to resist to embark on a journey I am NOT prepared for!
The woman was helpless as she looked on the unfolding events. She asked if she could be allowed to take my bag home but these determined soldiers declined her request.
Unfortunately, my friend Gonda Simon Bosco; the next prey came by and he was also forced to carry two soldiers.
The other two soldiers jumped onto my motorcycle and then I started the journey to the unknown location.
As I started to ride, I prayed in my heart, pleading to God. If possible, this mission should be aborted!
I was just imagining, what if we fall into an ambush; how will I an amateur take a cover from live bullets?
If I reach safely, how will I come back alone from this jungle? Many rhetorical questions and imaginations kept coming!
I could just imagine my dead body laying in the middle of the road with no one to bury my corpse.
I could imagine my brothers, sisters running up and down looking for my whereabouts.
I could imagine my wife and friends weeping because of my disappearance.
I could imagine my unborn baby born with no father to lean on.
As I was accelerating, my body was dead in spirit. Thank God! After a distance of about 3 to 4 miles, we met a soldier coming ahead of us.
He showed me a signal to stop and I stopped! They spoke in a language I didn't understand. After they stopped talking, one of the soldier told me in Arabic to turn the motorcycle. He said, "We can not continue with the journey. We can't catch up with the convoy ahead of us because we are told, they are very far by now."
On hearing this, I thank God greatly! I was relieved! The joy inside my heart was too much that I begun to ask them where I should drop them? In town? Or Where I picked them?
Though my motorcycle's pressure was low, these soldiers forced me to carry three of them. I had no option but to obey and sit on the tank of the motorcycle till we reached to the town.
As I write, I am reviewing my decision of remaining in Yei, South Sudan. I felt, I have stayed in the refugee camp quite enough. I spent 99% of my childhood to adulthood as a refugee and that is why I don't wish to be a refugee again.
I felt, it's the time for me to fix my roots deep in my country whatsoever situation we are going through but it seems my perseverance is fading and the unpredictable situation is uprooting me again!
On a sad note; my Boda Boda motorcycle that use to feed me was grabbed by force in a broad day light yesterday. With all these incidences, my hopes are narrowing! I am now forced to exile once again! I_rest_my_case! Forgive them Oh! my Lord, for they don't know what they are doing. PrayForPeaceInSouthSudan.


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