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Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court as Muslim Sex Gang Sentenced for Child Rape
Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ in Court as Muslim Sex Gang Sentenced for Child Rape
Members of a Muslim rape gang
shouted “Allahu akbar” [my god is
greatest] in court Thursday as they
were jailed for raping, drugging, and
abusing girls aged 11 and 13 in the
town of Rotherham.
Matloob Hussain, Mohammed Sadiq, and brothers Basharat, Nasser, and Tayab Dad were convicted of 21 historic sex offences at Sheffield Crown Court on the 26 of January.
The six men were given sentences
of between 10 and 20 years and totalling more than 80 years on Thursday for the crimes in the South Yorkshire town committed between 1999 and 2001.
Some of the abuse occurred in a flat
above a family-owned shop in the town,
and one of the victims, known as Girl A,
fell pregnant aged just 12 years old.

On one occasion, brothers Basharat and
Nassar locked the terrified 12-year-old
girl in the flat overnight, which was
described as being extremely dirty, with
no electricity or running water. She was
trapped there until her mother rescued
her the following day, the Sheffield Star
reports .
“The fact they could lock her in a flat in
those conditions and walk away shows
the contempt they had for her,” Sarah
Drake, for the prosecution, told the
She said the paedophile’s contempt
towards the girl was further shown
under police interview in 2015, when
Basharat described her as being a “slag”
and told police: “She’s dirty, she will go
with anyone.”

The victim in a statement read to the
court, said: “There’s evil and truly evil
people in the world. I feel my child was
the product of pure evil”.
The horrific crimes only began to come
to light when South Yorkshire police
began investigating the sexual
exploitation of young girls in Rotherham in 2014 after allegations of a cover-up were exposed in the press.
Later in 2014, the government’s Jay
report found that more than 1,200 girls
from Rotherham had been raped,
trafficked, and abused by mostly Muslim gangs. The abuse was allowed to go on for around ten years because authorities were scared of accusations of racism, the report found.

Eight men of Muslim, Pakistani origin
were sentenced for the crimes in
November 2016. A further six men and
two white women had been found guilty in October.
In court yesterday, brothers Basharat Dad (32), Nasar Dad (36), and Tayab Dad (34) were convicted of 16 offences between them.
Basharat was jailed for 20 years after
being convicted of six counts of rape, five of indecent assault, and one of false

Nasar was jailed for 14-and-a-half years
for one count of rape, inciting indecency
with a child, and false imprisonment and Tayab will spend 10 years behind bars for rape.
Matloob Hussain (42) and Mohammed
Sadiq (40), were both found guilty of
sexual intercourse with a girl under 13.
Hussain and Sadiq were both jailed for 13 years.
Amjad Ali (38), admitted before the trial
to sexual intercourse with a girl under
13. He was jailed for 11 years.


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