4 best bet prediction apps for soccer gamblers

4 best bet prediction apps for soccer gamblers

Have you started making money online? Many people these days just work online and get cool money. There are many ways to make money online but that is for another day. Today I want to focus on making money through betting online
i. e soccer betting. Here in Kenya betting has grown roots too. Not sportpesaElitebetBet wayBetinJustbetyou name them.
Those who bet a lot here in Kenya are the University students and most make good money. So what am I talking about, Check them out below...
1. Soccer statistics:

With this app, get to analyze performances of every team in all the leagues in the world .
In any game it analyze both opponents potential   and leave you to make your choice well.To me it gives you the power to make your own prediction rather than relying too much on forebet

To download this app 
download soccer statistics click here
2: soccer predictions pro:

This app is able to predict outcome of most football games in the world in three possible ways i.e double chance(home win or draw or guest win or draw) ,home win ,away win.
You will be able to get tipster  for over 85 leagues.
For each prediction an occurrence probability is stated.should an away win be predicted ,the app will also show the probability for double chance(guest win and draw)
Now you can select your leagues and you only see predictions for your favorite leagues .so no more scrolling through leagues you are not interested.The result of the prediction is displayed later
Where to get this app?
Download it here1 or here

3: Edmond clack:
This app is named after the owner, Edmond clark an expert in analyzing football for many years
On his tipster table he provide maximum of three predictions out of which i can tell you at least one prediction you must win 100% .But one thing again is that he does not update everyday so be patient as he do his research to give the best tips.He is reliable but if you want to play a defensive betting suggest you bet every tip separately
Download Edmond clark pro version here or here 2

4:Merlin lite

Provide highly successful betting tips ,but how?
first they use artificial intelligence program to give probability of many betting types i.e goal goal, over 1.5 ,under 1.5, over 3.5 ,under 3.5 and so on.
This artificial intelligence program is capable of using 80,000 games which was played previously and does its calculations to that.
There are also expert tips ,experts giving their own predictions
and to add more they use automated programs visiting very famous tipsters in popular websites .These tipsters are the people who have been giving tips for many years for many prestigious betting sites .so in this section they analyze these peoples common predictions.
Where can I get this app?
 Download it here1 or here2

5:Live score :

stream the results of every game going on live in real time, get to know who scored a goal at what time and also who got carded on the game.
There are many version of live-score out there so find the one best for you .You can try one click here
Remember information on these apps does not guarantee 100% success 
When comes to betting you must be a pro, all the best brothers. 
If you have more info about this post, use the comment box we will appreciate. Otherwise you can follow updates by email.
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