Mad woman gave birth to Beautiful Baby in Delta State - Johnnybility

Mad woman gave birth to Beautiful Baby  in Delta State - Johnnybility

Mad woman

Mad woman puts to bed in Asaba
Mad woman puts to bed in Asaba (photos) 

 A mad woman recently gave birth to a healthy baby in Asaba - After she delivered the baby safely, she was taken to a hospital where she is recuperating, the baby is doing well Weeks after a baby was born by a dumpster, a mad woman has delivered a baby girl in Asaba, Delta state. Facebook user Christian Onwugbolu posted the first photos of the woman and her baby on Friday, June 2. The woman is usually seen in front of the federal medical centre in Asaba where she goes round the area scavenging for food. An eye witness who knows the mad lady very well, said she is always seen in front of the federal medical centre in Asaba where she goes round the area scavenging for food. 
According to an eye witness, who confessed to have known her in front of the FMC, when she became pregnant, “We were arguing whether it was pregnancy or just that she is fat, but looking at her face, we discovered it was pregnancy. Now the big question who impregnated a mad girl?" The mad woman's new born baby. 

She went into labour in front of the JAMB office in Asaba and while the labour pain was telling much on her that people who saw her rushed her to the FMC and there she was delivered of a baby.
 “I don’t know the gender; whether boy or girl but I know the girl very well. She used to stay in front of my office every time along Anwai road, opposite FMC first gate.
 She was there when we discovered she was pregnant. I don’t know when she left for Okpanam road." The mad woman and mother of the newborn. “I can’t tell where the lady should be by now. We saw the baby, how they were trying to carry her. She used pieces of carton to cover herself by the road side. She was so weak. A jeep that was passing by saw her and picked her inside." "She was having labour pain and people discovered that this lady wanted to give birth. And people surrounded her. They needed to remove the placenta. That was why they took her to FMC.” According to her, there was no stress in the delivery of the baby. She said: “I understand that mad people do not contract diseases like other people do. 

They don’t get old easily, who is keeping them?" The woman is now recuperating at a hospital. She and the baby are in good health. “Even the mad woman I knew since I was in kindergarten back then at stadium, as at last year when I saw her last I couldn't notice much difference in her appearance. God is working. The bay is very healthy. Miracle God. 
I heard she had no stress in delivery.” Confirming the reports, public relations officer of the FMC, Nnamdi Ogbogo, Ssaid that the mad lady has not been discharged from the FMC. He said she is still in the hospital, but added that access would not be given for journalists to see her. He, however, said the hospital is taking care of her with the aim of stabilizing her health before she would be allowed to go.


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